#PAGov: Schwartz Campaign Responds on Social Security Cut Vote

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Mark Bergman from the Schwartz campaign emails in response to my query about her vote for the Cooper-LaTourette budget:

Allyson Schwartz is running for governor delivering a tough message Harrisburg needs to hear:

Pennsylvanians aren’t going to let a lack of leadership hold them back any longer. In Congress, she sent a tough message to George W. Bush when she fought his reckless attempt to privatize Social Security, and to Paul Ryan when she led the Democratic fight to stop the Ryan budget. That’s why Allyson has been endorsed 5 times by the National Committee to Protect Social Security and Medicare and the Alliance for Retired Americans.

This one vote, even as she disagreed with many of the bill’s specifics, was intended to send a tough message, too: That a hopelessly-divided Washington had to finally sit down, act like adults, and cooperate with one another across party lines. This is exactly the kind of bold, tough, outspoken leadership Pennsylvania needs in the governor’s office.

So to recap, Schwartz declined to step down from her Third Way leadership position and is standing by a vote AFL-CIO and others consider a Social Security cut.

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