#PAGov: Why Won’t Allyson Schwartz Just Drop Third Way?

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“Unnecessarily harsh and divisive” does not tell us anything about what Allyson Schwartz thinks about the content of the Third Way op-ed slamming Democrats for talking about expanding Social Security and Medicaid. Does the Congresswoman think Third Way’s position on economic populism is correct on the substance? What does she like about them?

Pennsylvania’s Democratic U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz says she won’t cut ties with a centrist think thank that criticized high-profile Democrats.

Schwartz is a candidate for Pennsylvania governor. She told The Associated Press on Friday she’ll remain on the advisory board for the Third Way organization “for now.”

But she says the group was wrong to last week publish an opinion article that included “unnecessarily harsh and divisive” criticism of liberal favorites Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio (dih BLAH’-zee-oh).

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16 Responses to #PAGov: Why Won’t Allyson Schwartz Just Drop Third Way?

  1. Albert Brooks says:

    I’d rather see more centrist input then things from the fringe of either side.

  2. Jon Geeting says:

    As a libertarian, obviously your views aren’t in sync with most of the Democratic primary electorate who’ll select the nominee.

  3. Albert Brooks says:

    So far you are the only one saying anything about this. I didn’t realize you spoke for the entire entity of Democratic voters.

  4. Matt Thomas says:

    Schwartz had better quickly learn which side of her toast the butter is on. She alienates enough Democrats and it’s out of the race for her and gone from Congress as well.
    With a guy like John Hanger running who needs an ersatz Democrat that even an Albert Brooks would go along with?

  5. Albert Brooks says:

    I’m an Independent so I vote for whom I think will do the best job and not what party they belong to. I’ll leave the ersatz up to you.

  6. Albert Brooks says:

    I’ve never voted straight ticket in my life – it shows that you don’t think for yourself. Have I voted for Republican or Independent candidates since 1988 – sure – the same way I’ve voted for Democrats. Whomever is best for the job IMO, of course.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Not sure I would support any Democrat who fetched your vote Albert.

    • What Republican? The last GOPers worth a damn were Ike and Fightin’ Bob LaFollette. One has been dead 44 years, the other 88 years. I’m curious how the present day GOP inspires any confidence to do a competent job. Care to answer that, Albert?

      • Albert Brooks says:

        I didn’t realize I was dealing with a savant who knows every republican at all levels of government across the entire state. Obviously I can’t tell you anything since you know everything.

      • Matt Thomas says:

        Not sure I would elevate Ike to the level of Bob LaFollette whom actually ran for president as a “Progressive” after he tired of the stink and corruption in the GOP.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      The party labels mean something. It means the parties disagree, on predictable terms, about key issues. Voting a straight ticket gets you one set of those positions or the other. Splitting your ticket means nothing happens, because both sides think you gave them a “mandate” not to compromise. That’s the realpolitik view. You can wish and wish and wish that divided government will produce good policy outcomes by smushing together opposite views, but usually it just results in overcomplicated bullshit that doesn’t approach the scale of our problems.

      • Matt Thomas says:

        If you want to be serious about positive change then support open primaries that allow independents to vote. Many millions (including myself) are only registered with one of the two major parties as a means of having a voice in these preliminary elections. Closed primaries are serving as no more than life support for the present Democratic and Republican machines.
        Perhaps you haven’t noticed that they are already beginning to die? Open primaries will finish them off.