Rising Democratic Star Josh Maxwell in for #HD74

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Millenial mayor of Downingtown Josh Maxwell is everything you wanted Luke Ravenstahl to be and more:

Maxwell, a Downingtown High School graduate and current board member for the Downingtown Community Education Foundation, said that education is one of his top priorities — and if elected, he will serve as an advocate for the 74th District’s schools.

“Creating more opportunities for working families and businesses starts with two things: a strong, properly funded School District and an environment conducive to strong economic growth that allows businesses to open, hire and grow,” Maxwell said.

Among his accomplishments as mayor, Maxwell points to having worked to restart the Downingtown Main Street Association and later served as president of the organization.

In his campaign announcement, Maxwell revealed a number of formal endorsements including: County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, Former State Representative Paul Drucker and a number of elected or former officials from Caln (Commissioner Lorraine Tindaro), Valley (Patrice Proctor, Board of Supervisors chair, Supervisor Kathy O’Doherty and Joe Sciandra, Supervisor-elect), Sadsbury, South Coatesville (former long-time Mayor James Kennedy), Downingtown (Borough Council President Anthony Gazzerro, Council Member Alex Rakoff, and Member-elect Patricia McGlone) and Coatesville (Joe Hamrick, City Council Vice President).

(via Mike McGann)

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18 Responses to Rising Democratic Star Josh Maxwell in for #HD74

  1. Who holds this seat now?

  2. reximperator says:

    It is an open seat, moved to Chester County in redistricting.

  3. thereisnorule6 says:

    It is a new seat. Maxwell is a good guy, has DUI arrest though in his past. Didn’t seem to stop GW Bush though.

  4. He’s not a man of the people. He can’t give up the suit and relax. He made his police officers with Tattoos older than him, cover them up in uniform. Said, “Somebody complained.” That BS!!

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Not true, I met the guy once at an event and he was very friendly and relaxed. I saw him get along well with all different kinds of people. The DUI is a legit point, but this line is just silly.

    • Paul Cipollini says:

      Was a very good friend of josh’s at West Chester University. He’s a good guy. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

  5. PADemActivist says:

    Who is Josh’s employer? When I first met him he was in grad school. Then he was talking about law school. Then he said he was taking a break from school. I’ve never heard of him having a full time job. I’m tired of electing people who can’t find employment elsewhere. He’s done good things as Mayor of Downingtown and is always friendly. He seems like too much of a politician to me.

  6. PADemActivist says:

    So my question remains – if Maxwell makes $3,000/year as Mayor, what is his full time job? The fact that his information doesn’t mention any job, only mostly volunteer jobs, it makes me question if he has the right experience for being a State Representative.