Rob “Off Message” Teplitz Will Lead PA Senate Dems to Victory in 2014

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Daylin Leach is handing off the leadership of the PA Senate Democrats’ political committee to Rob Teplitz and Matt Smith for this cycle.

You may remember Rob Teplitz from that time he stepped all over the messaging from the state Democratic party and the Governor candidates by twice voting for climate denier Chris Abruzzo’s confirmation as Department of Environmental Protection head.

Abruzzo thinks PA has been doing “more than its fair share” to reduce greenhouse gas pollution (translation: he doesn’t want to do anything about climate change) and this meets Senator Teplitz’s “certain minimal qualifications” for a top environmental position:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I watched the hearing and believe that Mr. Abruzzo’s answer to Sen. Leach’s question has been distorted. If you have not had a chance to view the hearing yourself, I encourage you to do so. I heard him say that he believes that climate change is real, that humans have had an adverse impact, and that Pennsylvania has been doing more than its fair share on the issue. I did not hear anything that would overcome my general position that gubernatorial nominees who meet certain minimal qualifications deserve deference, regardless of whether or not the person would be my nominee if I were in a position to make the appointment unilaterally. I realize that you may not agree with my upcoming vote on his confirmation, but I hope that this explains it clearly.

Thank you for following up. Based on the entirety of the hearing and his comments afterwards, I stand by my interpretation of his views on this important issue. Again, I view my role not as deciding whether or not I would have appointed him myself, but whether he meets the minimal standards for the appointment in the current political context. As for colleagues that are fundraising off of this issue, I am not and so that is not something I can comment on.

It was embarrassing that the state Senate Democratic leadership couldn’t hold its members together on a key message vote, but Senator Teplitz didn’t even want them to try. Is this the No Labels kind of party building strategy he’ll bring to the SDCC?

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3 Responses to Rob “Off Message” Teplitz Will Lead PA Senate Dems to Victory in 2014

  1. Is Rob Teplitz really part of “No Labels,” or just espouses that ideology?

    • Jon Geeting says:

      No he’s not part of No Labels. The idea that confirmation votes shouldn’t be opportunities for the opposition to draw contrasts seems like a pretty No Labelsy proposition though.

  2. Pam says:

    I contacted Teplitz via email to object to Abruzzo based on his lack of science background and didn’t even mention the climate change answer – got the same canned response as above. Extremely annoying since my objection was not about that answer.