What SEPTA’s New Regional Rail Line Names Should Be

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This post on better SEPTA rail line names from Michael Noda is a must-read for transit fans, whether you agree with his conclusion or not.

One issue impacting transit ridership is of course how much money it gets from the state for operations, but another equally important issue is how easy it is for people to understand the transit system. The line names matter. For instance, how many more disgruntled car commuters could SEPTA attract if it made the trade-off with driving clearer:

The ex-R6 Manayunk/Norristown Line should stop trying to use its name to recruit barhoppers and start using it to recruit sad and angry car commuters, and redub itself the Schuylkill Line. That ought to be a giant flashing sign to people that if they don’t enjoy the parking lot that is I-76, in both directions, in any daylight hour, then this train is the civilized alternative.

Damn right.

Easy as it is to villainize the buffoons in Harrisburg for our transit woes, in general I prefer to focus on what SEPTA and city government could do better on their own over what our state lawmakers could do better because 1. the political difficulty setting for getting stuff changed is lower, and 2. SEPTA does some inexplicable things that make its services unnecessarily inconvenient or expensive like the horrible airport service to Center City. The option to make our lives better by minimizing self-derp at the local level is very under-appreciated.

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3 Responses to What SEPTA’s New Regional Rail Line Names Should Be

  1. matt says:

    Obviosly what we have here is a clueless douche bag who has no idea wtf he is talking about! with all the awards septa has won over the past 2 years for best transit agency in the country, this clown has indeed proven how stupid people like him are indeed allowed to thrive! sad world this mental midget is allowed to live in. guess half hour service isnt good enough to cc is it? try getting a regional railroad like septa anywhere else in the country you cluless bafooon! you cant! sad that stupid people like you are even allowed to repoduce let alone exist. go crawl back under you sad pathetic rock you crawled out of, they have had to make do with what pathetic fundingthey have recieved from the state and feds up until this year you some kind of special stupid

    • Michael Noda says:

      May I always be blessed with enemies such as you.

      • matt says:

        And mat mis informed ignorant undeducated arogant rude obnoxous liberals like you be forced to educate your pathetic narrow minds next time before you make a fool of your self next time before you opine a column or open your mouth before you have all your facts. Again I could go on but you have already proven how unintellegant you already are about septa