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#PAGov: Allyson Schwartz’s Vote for Food Stamp Cuts and Why It Matters

Will Bunch offers a thoughtful take on Allyson Schwartz’s vote for the Farm Bill, which cut SNAP food subsidies for 175,000 PA households, and hit our Commonwealth harder than most states: The reality is more complex. Schwartz’ vote for the … More after the jump

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GOP Lawmaker: Give $250M Subsidy for Rich Horse Owners to Rich School Districts Instead

One of the more inequitable and depressing things that’s been happening during the Corbett administration is that we’ve been giving $250 million a year in subsidies to rich horse owners while gutting our schools. The Race Horse Development Fund (RHDF) … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Only 15% Think Tom Corbett Has Been Fiscally Responsible

The other awesome finding from today’s F&M poll is that only 15% of respondents say Tom Corbett has been fiscally responsible. Fiscal austerity has been the lodestar of Republican governance the past 3 years. It’s what Corbett campaigned on, it’s … More after the jump

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F&M: One in Four Support Tom Corbett’s Reelection as #PAGov

It’s getting a bit boring writing the same blog post every other week about how Tom Corbett’s on track for a Santorum-sized loss in November, but here’s a new Franklin and Marshall poll confirming what we already knew: about 23% … More after the jump

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Is David Cohen Selling Out PA Democrats for a Measly $4.5 Million?

Good column from Will Bunch. Can’t complain about the $30 million in state money for legitimate expenditures on the subway concourse expansion and public space improvements, but why are we giving Comcast $3000 per job (for a total of $4.5 … More after the jump

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Comcast Getting Into the Electric Utility Market

There isn’t a ton of political meat on this story, but I’m sharing it here because it’s related to the push for a smart grid. On a call with reporters to discuss DEFG’s report, Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada … More after the jump

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Debtors Prison, Pennsylvania-Style

Emma Jacobs brings to our attention a very serious abuse of pre-trial detention that is not only unjust, but also a ridiculous waste of the criminal justice system’s resources. According to court records, Lawrence sent people to jail 228 times … More after the jump

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#PHL2015: How Ori Feibush Can Win District 2 With Green Messaging

Since Ori Feibush is a political candidate for the District 2 Council seat, naturally we have to start looking at everything he does from here on out through a political lens. So I thought this was an interesting choice of emphasis … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Allyson Schwartz’s Pitch-Perfect Response on the Blackwell Center

One of the worries I still hear a lot about from various progressive activists I talk to is that Allyson Schwartz’s history running the Blackwell Center – a women’s clinic that performed abortions among many other health services – could … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Katie McGinty is the Best Choice for Environmentalists as of January 2014

This shouldn’t be taken as a full-on endorsement, because despite accusations that this blog has a favorite in the Governor’s race, I honestly couldn’t tell you whether I’d vote for McGinty, McCord, or Schwartz if the primary were held today. … More after the jump

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