Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund: The Left’s Nullification Cranks

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One of the most evil organizations working in PA politics today isn’t a right wing group but a left wing group called the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.

They go around trying to get different municipalities to adopt a Community Bill of Rights which basically asserts a fake local right to nullify state laws they don’t like. This right does not exist, and should not exist for obvious reasons.

Are there some bad state laws I don’t like? Dozens! Do I want the state to give municipalities more authority over some things? Of course. But a principle much more important than these concerns is that environmental laws and other public policies are broadly harmonized across the state of Pennsylvania, and local municipalities can’t just take their pick of which state laws they want to follow.

If this principle of municipal authority as the basis for state authority were adopted, what’s to stop coal companies from taking over some local city councils with SuperPACs and opting those places out of pollution regulations and other laws. I could go on and on about all the terrible stuff that would happen if municipalities had nullification powers over state laws, but suffice it to say, fuck these people! Don’t sign their fake bill of rights!


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5 Responses to Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund: The Left’s Nullification Cranks

  1. How do we know this is really a left-leaning group and not some rat-f-cking enterprise using a left-sounding name?

  2. Jon Geeting says:

    Because they’re all about protecting the environment. They mainly get involved in local fracking nullification issues. Their view is that if the state won’t act, then local governments need to resist. I see the consequentialist argument, but it would make the state ungovernable.

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  4. John says:

    I thought CELDF’s main concern was the power of big corporations over state government and that they are trying to foment a grassroots opposition to corporate personhood etc.