Should Daylin Leach Run for #PA6 Instead?

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This is a wacky idea some people are talking about apparently, but I don’t know how much I like it.

The advantage would be that Dems get a top-tier candidate in PA-6 with tons of money who’s bound to be more charismatic and likable than whichever human haircut the GOPers put up. And in PA-13, we’d get Val Arkoosh, who is awesome, and would help us avoid the sausage doomsday scenario.

The disadvantage would be that maybe this electorate is just too skewed to the Republicans anyway and Daylin loses.

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18 Responses to Should Daylin Leach Run for #PA6 Instead?

  1. Sean Kitchen says:

    No he shouldn’t run in the 16th because it’s too gerrymandered in the GOP’s favor. I used to go to Kutztown and I couldn’t believe that that district went all the from the Reading area down through West Chester and into Media and so on.

    I see no reason as to why Trevedi can’t win that seat. I mean state dems are concerned with endorsing carpetbagging to flip the 8th and I see no real hope that they would be concerned with supporting a viable candidate in the 16th. Trevedi is a good person and is an Iraq War Vet / Army Doctor. That alone should be a good resume to win a moderate to somewhat republican area.

  2. Jon Geeting says:

    You’re ignoring how racist that district is. I love Manan too and would love to see him win. But there are a lot of racists, especially in the Democratic areas of Berks. Leaning toward Mark Rozzi. Will have a post up on that later.

  3. SEPADem says:

    The biggest reason Trivedi would not be a good candidate is that he lost in that district last time. 57-43. And that was a president year, which always has higher presidential turnout.

    If the concern is that Daylin would not be a good candidate because he is too liberal for the district, that is CERTAINLY true of Manan. Regardless of race.

  4. Sean Kitchen says:

    I know that Gerlach’s name has been thrown around as a possible primary candidate against Corbett. With him retiring, what are the odds of Gerlach taking a run at Corbett? He’d have to do it soon.

  5. Jon Geeting says:

    He said he wouldn’t. I bet he’s en route to K Street.

    • Sean Kitchen says:

      Yeah, that was my second guess. He’ll get a nice golden parachute in DC, or he’ll be like Ed Rendell who hopelessly walks around the Bellevue Food Court during his afternoons

      • Jon Geeting says:

        Haha you see him there often? Maybe he should blog for us

        • Why would you want a Pete Peterson tool to blog for you?

          • Jon Geeting says:

            It was a joke, but I like Ed Rendell. Don’t agree with him on everything, but it’d be weird if there was a politician I agreed with on everything. I thought he had a pretty good progressive record as Governor and as Philly Mayor. He only became unpopular toward the end of his term because of the downturn and because he’d been in office so long. The funding formula fight was important (although not durable at all apparently), as was the Fix It First policy on transportation. Trying to toll Route 80 was an important (unfinished) fight too. Lots of solid accomplishments.

  6. Rich says:

    I like Senator Schwank or Casey, if they want the seat. Daylin should run where he is, he’s got a solid shot right now to win there, and it’s a better seat for a progressive Congressman to safely represent.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Rich, you should check out Mark Rozzi. Better fit for the district than Schwank and a better fundraiser.

      • Rich says:

        He have a site yet? The top quality in a candidate here should be fundraising ability. This is a condensed race now, and we know that the Rafferty types will be funded well.

      • Rich says:

        Nvm, found his House site. Looks solid. Don’t read too far into State House fundraising though, or for that matter State Senate. Having worked for an ex-leader, I can tell you that leadership raised almost all of that cash for them.

        • Jon Geeting says:

          He’s gonna decide by Friday I hear. Hoping to get everyone on board with him and deter others from getting in. What I like is that this is a tough district to be a supporter of abortion rights and marriage equality but he hasn’t flinched on that stuff, and no Republican so far is challenging him. It’s a pretty safe D seat, and he’s treating it as such.

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