Kathleen Kane Wins Criminal Charges Against Exxon for Illegal Dumping of Fracking Waste

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Here’s why you show up to vote for Democrats every year. A Republican Attorney General never would’ve filed criminal charges against Exxon over this. Republicans and gas industry shills freaked out when Kathleen Kane pursued the criminal angle, but it turned out she was right, and she won. Elections have consequences.

Via Think Progress:

Exxon Mobil Corp. subsidiary XTO Energy will have to face criminal charges for allegedly dumping tens of thousands of gallons of hydraulic fracturing waste at a Marcellus Shale drilling site in 2010, according to a Pennsylvania judge’s ruling on Thursday.

Following a preliminary hearing, Magisterial District Judge James G. Carn decided that all eight charges against Exxon — including violations of both the state Clean Streams Law and the Solid Waste Management Act — will be “held for court,” meaning there is enough evidence to take the fossil fuel giant to trial over felony offenses.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General filed criminal charges back in September, claiming Exxon had removed a plug from a wastewater tank, leading to 57,000 gallons of contaminated water spilling into the soil. The Exxon subsidiary had contested the criminal charges, claiming there was “no lasting environmental impact,” and that the charges could “discourage good environmental practices” from guilty companies.

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2 Responses to Kathleen Kane Wins Criminal Charges Against Exxon for Illegal Dumping of Fracking Waste

  1. Roger Cohen says:

    Attorney general’s criminal charges against drilling company likely based on referral from Hanger’s DEP — Patriot News

  2. Ms. Kane has done as she’s promised, stop Big Gas from abusing Pennsylvanians. She’s off to a good start!