Let PA Cities Totally Ban Indoor Smoking

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Randy LoBasso reports that the American Lung Association is pushing Harrisburg to close exemptions in our weak indoor smoking bill. Not to let state lawmakers off the hook, but it seems unlikely they’ll fully close the loopholes. A better strategy would be to let cities pass their own laws fully banning smoking from bars and casinos. This would be an uphill fight in Philadelphia, because dive bars will claim it’ll destroy everything, but obviously it wouldn’t:

The Lung Association’s Mid-Atlantic CEO Deborah Brown noted last year that the state needs to close the exemptions in the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act, so bars that make less than 20 percent of their profits from food, and private clubs, would not be exempt.

“[O]ur state’s leaders still need to do more, especially when it comes to helping smokers quit and eliminating the gaping exemptions to the clean indoor air law. All workers in the state should receive equal protection from secondhand smoke.  We have a lot of work ahead in 2014,” noted Brown of the report’s findings.

“Casinos and some bars still allow indoor smoking, exposing workers to the dangers of secondhand smoke. These loopholes must be closed,” reads the report’s summary on Pennsylvania. State Rep. Mario Scavello (R-Monroe) has been at the forefront of this issue, attempting to close the loopholes. “[A]ll tobacco products are lethal weapons that kill from both ends,” he noted in a recent press release. And he’s expanded his goals as of recent to take on e-cigarettes, too.


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6 Responses to Let PA Cities Totally Ban Indoor Smoking

  1. Albert Brooks says:

    If you go into a bar you are an adult. If you work at a bar you are an adult. As an adult there are certain things that you are responsible for and the primary one is yourself. If you don’t want to go into a bar that is clearly marked “Smoking Establishment” don’t. if you don’t want to work in a bar that is clearly marked “Smoking Establishment” don’t. It is not up to the government to control every detail of our lives it is mostly up to you. It shouldn’t be against the law to congregate with like minded people. I agree that non-smokers should not be forced to interact with smokers in enclosed areas. However, if they do so voluntarily that is their business. Establishments should be allowed to choose one or the other and hire people who agree to work under those conditions and not have the government decide for them.

    Yeah I’m a 40 year cigar smoker – don’t like it – tough.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      We just don’t agree about this issue. I think it is absolutely the government’s job to protect people from smoke and to push people to stop smoking. One of the ways we can do that is by making it more inconvenient. I used to smoke cigarettes and I never liked being in a room filled with smoke even as a smoker. It’s gross. People should have to do it outside.

    • Do it in your home, not out in public. It’s not fair to the rest of us.

  2. Sean Kitchen says:

    Going to McGlinchey’s will never be the same.

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  4. Ray says:

    There are only two kinds of smokers……ADDICTED or IGNORANT…..There is too much solid information to claim ignorance…….So……grow up and admit it….YOU are ADDICTED……