PA GOP’s Lincoln Day Keynote Speaker Dismisses Dawn Zimmer as a “Lady Mayor”

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As if you needed any more evidence that Pennsylvania Republicans think they’re governing Mississippi, here’s a gem from Boss Hogg Haley Barbour, who’s keynoting their Lincoln Day dinner on January 31:

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) shrugged off the latest accusations against New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration (R) on Monday by saying they were being made by a “lady mayor.”

Barbour was responding to allegations from Hoboken, N.J. Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who accused Christie aides of threatening to withhold Hurricane Sandy relief aid from the city unless the mayor approved a real estate project favored by Christie […]

“No, I’ll tell you what it gives me concern about, that the news media is willing to leap at any farfetched story with the basis in fact is unbelievable,” Barbour said in an interview with CNN on Monday. “This is a lady mayor who asked for $127 million of hazard mitigation money from the governor to give that to her from the federal money. When the state was only receiving in its entirety $300 million.”

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