#PA6: Mark Rozzi Steps Closer to Getting In

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Mark Rozzi is my favorite of the Democratic mentionees for the 6th District, and today he took a step closer to getting in the race by forming an exploratory committee.

The thing to know about Mark Rozzi is that, while he represents a pretty safe Democratic district in HD-126, it’s a fairly socially conservative district. And if you were just looking at his electorate, you’d probably guess that he’s one of the bad Democrats on issues like abortion and LGBT equality.

But you would guess wrong! Rozzi has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood, and is a favorite of Equality PA. He’s co-sponsored Brian Sims’s marriage equality and non-discrimination bills, and even though Democratic leadership has sometimes urged him to vote with the bad guys on this stuff to protect his seat, he doesn’t care! He votes for what he thinks is right, and doesn’t try to trick his voters into believing he’s not a Democrat.

And it works – Rozzi hasn’t gotten a Republican challenger this cycle because that type of conviction politics is appealing to voters, and also because he’s reportedly a pretty strong fundraiser.

I’m getting on board with Team Rozzi early because, while I like primaries a lot more than some other people, I think the last thing we need in this particular seat is a protracted primary where a surprise candidate sneaks through in a low-name ID race and snags the nomination. He’s not in yet though, so go send him a word of encouragement.

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