#PAGov: Only 15% Think Tom Corbett Has Been Fiscally Responsible

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The other awesome finding from today’s F&M poll is that only 15% of respondents say Tom Corbett has been fiscally responsible.

Fiscal austerity has been the lodestar of Republican governance the past 3 years. It’s what Corbett campaigned on, it’s what the Republicans blew all their political capital on, and they’re not even getting any credit for it.

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 5.04.50 PMIt isn’t even that voters agree they were fiscally responsible, but are saying they didn’t like the outcomes for education or job growth. Their strong distaste for the outcomes of the Republicans’ austerity program are feeding back into their opinions on whether the Republicans have been fiscally responsible at all.

The lesson here is that nobody gets any political credit for budget cuts or deficit reduction or anything like that, and the sole aim for Democratic politicians should be economic growth. Making “hard choices” sounds like a cool and tough slogan to voters in the abstract, but nobody actually wants to make hard choices.

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