#PAGov: Allyson Schwartz Calls For Early Voting, Same-Day Registration, Vote By Mail

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This would be huge for small-d democracy and obviously for Democrats’ chances of winning seats in future midterm elections. There’s no good reason you should only be allowed to vote on Tuesdays. In other states you see churches, especially ones serving people of color (aka the Democratic base), mobilizing big Sunday voting drives on the Sundays before elections. I hope Schwartz would prioritize this upon taking office and spend real political capital on it soon after taking office so it definitely gets through.

Nick Field has the details:

The Democratic front-runner unveiled an ambitious plan to increase voter participation. In addition to pledging to work to repeal the voter ID law should it survive in the courts she also proposed a number of new measures designed to ensure more citizens have the opportunity to vote.

For example, Schwartz called for same-day registration which would allow voters to register to vote on Election Day. Currently, ten states and the District of Columbia have adopted this law. Also, Schwartz pledged to act on a bill that passed the state Senate that would allow secure, online voter registration. This system is in place or soon will be in eighteen states.

Most significantly, perhaps, the candidate stated that as Governor she will push for early voting, including weekend voting. The rationale being that extending the period of time that citizens can vote will allow more flexibility and opportunity to Pennsylvania’s voters. Early voting is allowed in 32 states and is the most successful voting reform movement in the country.

The most surprising reform that the Democratic front-runner called for, however, was to allow citizens to vote by mail. Postal voting is another way to increase access and may be the best option to save money. In fact two states, Oregon and Washington, only accept votes by mail.

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