#PAGov: Corbett Still Hasn’t Recovered From 2011-12 Education Cuts

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Steve Esack says voters want the 2014 election to be about education and job growth. That is not an election Tom Corbett can win:

Corbett’s education cuts went into effect July 1, 2011 ā€” an eternity ago in the realm of politics, where voters tend to have short memories.

But voter memory appears long when it comes to the 2011-12 education funding cuts.

No matter what Corbett has said or done, his education record is viewed through the prism of those cuts, and their specter could threaten his re-election chances.

Since Corbett has been in office, the number of voters who rank “education, school” as Pennsylvania’s top priority has skyrocketed by 17 percentage points to 21 percent, according to a recent Franklin & Marshall College poll.

Education is now the top issue for voters, far outpacing unemployment, economy, taxes and crime, the poll found.

At the same time, the number of voters who say Corbett is doing an “excellent or good job” has gone down similarly, to 19 percent.

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One Response to #PAGov: Corbett Still Hasn’t Recovered From 2011-12 Education Cuts

  1. Sean Kitchen says:

    I got involved in organizing and politics because of his cuts to higher ed and that’s why we started our blog. And I have to give it up to the people who organized against cuts to public ed and public higher ed because they’ve been the ones following Corbett around the state for 3 years now.