#PAGov: We Elected Republican Politicians and All We Got Was This Lousy Job Growth Rate

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Tom Corbett and the Republicans ran their 2010 campaign claiming that three longstanding Republican policy agenda items would unburden the Job Creators, and boost job growth and employment in the Commonwealth:

1. Cut state spending on public programs;
2. Cut business taxes;
3. Let extractive industries go buckwild on our natural resources, environment be damned

Voters liked this story and voted for Corbett, and then he did all the things. So how did that turn out for us?


So we have 15,000 fewer people employed than last year, and a net job creation number somewhere around ~20K net jobs created since Corbett took office in January 2011. Check out the big drop from 2010 to 2011. 2011 is all Corbett.

Now of course there are a number of quibbles one could make with Mark Price’s analysis, if one were a hack inclined to minimize the damage to Corbett from these terrible jobs numbers, and I’m sure we’ll hear all of them in the comments section where we’ll continue to debate Corbett’s record.

But they would not meaningfully take away from the big picture issue, which is that we did all the stuff Tom Corbett said would boost the job growth rate, and private sector job growth stalled out as soon as the Republicans’ economic policies hit the bloodstream. It didn’t work.

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