#PAGov: Katie McGinty Raised $2.4 Million

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James O’Toole reports Katie McGinty’s campaign raised $2.4 million for the Governor’s race in 2013 – at the back of the Top 3 plus Tom Wolf* class of viable contenders for the Democratic nomination, but still solidly in the running. The bar to clear to be competitive in the Democratic primary is going to be about $5 million by the spring. McGinty’s within sight of that:

That puts her behind some of her leading rivals in 2013 receipts.  Earlier, Tom Wolf, a York County businessman, reported that he’d raised $13.27 million, just over $10 million from personal funds, last year.  Rep. Allyson Schwartz reported that her campaign had raised  $6.5 million, including $3.1 million transferred from a federal fundraising account, and state Treasurer Rob McCord’s camp said he had raised $6.6 million.  Mr. McCord said that left him with roughly $6 million in cash at the end of the year.  The other Democratic candidates did not disclose their cash balances.

The other Democratic candidates who have yet to disclose their cash balances clearly haven’t raised enough money to be competitive and should drop out of the primary post-haste. Begone! ye time wasters.

*Wolf has basically bought himself a mention in politics writers’ shortlists of the Top Tier, but can we get real for a minute? The Wolf campaign is super boring and he wouldn’t have any support in this race if he wasn’t a self-funder. He’s not wrong on many issues and I’m sure he’d make a decent Governor, but come on. Everybody would be saying this campaign was in the Pawlowski and Hanger dead zone if Wolf didn’t give himself $10 million to run with. He seems like a genuinely good guy though and I’m gonna be a little sad to see him waste all this money on a doomed bid :(

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3 Responses to #PAGov: Katie McGinty Raised $2.4 Million

  1. Gloria McVeigh says:

    People whose judgement I trust have been touting Katie McGinty to me, but I’ve had doubts about PA’s (non-)readiness for a female Governor.
    Apart from that, while watching McGinty at LV Dems Gov Candidates’ night, I don’t like what I saw — although what I heard was perfect. Too perfect, in fact. McGinty projects old-school, insider politician like too many candidates chosen by the Dem party have a way of doing. (I’d put Hillary Clinton in the same category, but that’s another story.)
    IMHO, this is the crisis for Dems in 2014, at all levels of government: Stand for something unequivocally and telegraph that with every candidate you choose.
    While it’s easy to mock the GOP for its obvious problems with different demographic segments, we have our own image challenge. If we didn’t, why do so many polls show people still lumping Dems + GOPs in together when they report despising Congress, despite the circus the House GOPs have been mounting, followed by Huckabee, et al?
    I’m a die-hard door-knocker and I’m looking for a candidate whose vision I can whittle down to simple aphorisms, as I could in 2012. My campaign vols learned to take our talking points from Romney, not Obama. As Krugman says in today’s “Populist Imperative” column, “Like it or not, the simple fact is that Americans “get” inequality.” And boy howdy, were they getting that about Romney! http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/24/opinion/krugman-the-populist-imperative.html?partner=rss&emc=rss&_r=0
    So imagine my glee listening to Gov Candidate John Hanger talk about minumum wage, prevailing wage, no “right to earn less” [Hanger’s term], pathway to citizenship for immigrants, pot sales revenue ear-marked for education, and most radical of all, and I’m paraphrasing: *workers have to start supporting unions* if we want the open doors to the middle class that we enjoyed in the seventies. We had 30% union membership in the seventies and that’s why times were good. Membership is down to 7% now and we have to get it back up to 30%. But that’s a change that only workers can bring about, not government. [The organizer in me loves a good call to action.]
    If Dem party-types have the cojones to give Hanger a bullhorn in 2014, I believe that his progressive platform could produce a candidate voters could actually get excited about. Imagine that. http://www.hangerforgovernor.com

  2. If only Tom Wolf had the good grace to share a few of his politically-designated millions with the most progressive candidate… John Hanger.