#PAGov: McCord Has $6M; Crickets from Hanger, Pawlowski

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Rob McCord, Allyson Schwartz, Tom Wolf, and Katie McGinty (stay tuned) will have the money to compete in the primary, and against Tom Corbett. The minimum amount required to compete in the primary will be about $5 million.

The candidates who clearly aren’t going to raise $5 million by late April should stop wasting everyone’s time and get out now.

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9 Responses to #PAGov: McCord Has $6M; Crickets from Hanger, Pawlowski

  1. This equation that has been developed and is used for a individual to be considered a promising choice for a political office is a sad representation of how we evaluate one’s honesty,trustworthyness,forthcoming in a spot where there own reputation could be mared or damaged. Or if a decision may affect his personal finances one way or the other. There is many things that we could list, in what we would want in a elected official to be. Now we know that everyone is human and are subject to temptation to view there own circumstance first ahead of the rest. That is being human, when one finds himself with his finger on the wrong side of scale that would overlook the facts that is when many are hurt or affected. A country that has had so many things in its favor in History. We have had many men and women die for this country. We owe it to all them and all that have called United States their home. Let us develop a system where a individual with the skills ,honor and ability to understand what is expected of them. I have met many individuals that have all it takes to fill these positions and yet without being very well known and in the public eye and the financial means to walk with the rich and rub elbows with those that have personal agenda for that elected officials vote.As a country not to repeat myself again, but this country has the ability to develop a way to select a individual for a opportunity to run for an office other than his financial means or there ability raise the money or to be well know in all the circles of wealth. This not a attempt to speak ill of those in elected positions now. But we all have experienced of one degree or another of those that were in office to enhance their own career.Little if anything was accomplished ,while they were in office and in turn our state or country failed to better itself for their service.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      I’m not evaluating John Hanger’s honesty or trustworthiness, I’m evaluating his ability to build a statewide turnout organization and get himself elected Democratic nominee or Governor.

      • I understand that there is a very real challenge for someone green to come in to politics and be successful getting elected and to hand pick a organization that will assist you in your quest to solve issues that you are faced with, regardless of the office you hold. My concern is that regardless of the office someone seeks ,that they would have the same opportunity to be elected. By their abilities and their reputation and the personality trates that we would want to see in them ,to represent that office.I would hope we could expect to see positive change or at least a honest effort.My concern is that because a individual knows the right people,at the right time and the financial backing is there . I think as American’s today we see are country in a position where most elected official’s as not being seen as trustworthy or not having their citizen’s best interest in mind. This effect ‘s most elected officials in someway. They are seen in that light also, even if it is not true of them .They are lumped together. That is not a way a citizen should see or feel about there goverment. I’m not foolish enough to think that everyone who says there honest or trustworthy is.But I believe everyone should have the opportunity to seek a office, if they desire to. A individual that is not qualified to hold that office will know that and if they do not .A proper plan of qualifing a candidate was developed ,it would serve as the gate keeper to allow only those who have met the criteria for that office set-up by its own citizen’s.

        • Jon Geeting says:

          The issue as I see it is that John Hanger doesn’t actually have a political base. He didn’t get elected to smaller offices first and then progressively higher status offices. He’s going straight for the Governor’s office after having been a bureaucrat. You can maybe do that if you’re willing to spend a lot of time raising money – Katie McGinty’s in exactly the same position, had the same DEP office, and her fundraising and polling are better than Hanger’s – but Hanger’s just going about it all wrong.

  2. You people are gross… why ask people to drop out of the race because they “don’t have enough money” …. John Hanger has my support and the support of many people I know. I have just convinced a republican to switch parties in order to vote for him. We are so tired of money ruining our politics and our country! You will not be able to “buy” my vote.

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  4. “…Iran recently had an election, and people criticized it, rightly, because you couldn’t even enter the Iranian political system unless you were vetted by the clerics. That’s terrible, of course. But what happens here? You can’t enter the political system unless you’re vetted by concentrations of private capital….”

    –Noam Chomsky, in The Progressive, 10/13, p. 37

    Let’s hope Pennsylvania, birthplace of our republic, can prove otherwise!

    • Jon Geeting says:

      It’s a real problem, but backing a political candidate with no chance of winning certainly won’t do anything about it. You need to get the candidates who can win – and especially state House and Senate candidates – to back a public financing law.