#PAGov: Tom “36%” Corbett Still Wants Christie to Campaign for Him Despite #Bridgeghazi Revelations

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Chris Christie’s popularity is definitely going to take a big hit from the Bridgeghazi scandal, and Alan Dershowitz has said Christie could potentially face criminal prosecution over this stunt. Still, Christie’s political fortunes probably can’t get worse than Tom Corbett’s basement-level approval ratings. That’s why Tom Corbett is still totally psyched for Christie to come to PA and yell at some women for him on the campaign trail:

Although New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is struggling to sidestep a damaging political payback scandal, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has no plans to distance himself from his embattled neighboring Republican chief executive.

Corbett Campaign Manager Mike Barley said Corbett would embrace a Christie visit to the Keystone.

“Gov. Corbett will absolutely welcome and appreciate Gov. Christie’s support on the campaign trail this year,” Barley said.

In his role as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, Christie is expected to campaign for party gubernatorial candidates in 2014.

We’ll see if he makes it over here. The last thing Chris Christie needs right now is to tie himself to a guy with a 36% approval rating.

(via Robert Vickers)

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