#PAGov: Tom Corbett’s Paying $30M For a Talking Point

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Beggars can’t be choosers, and with a Republican-dominated state legislature, Philadelphians are the ultimate beggars right now. I’m certainly not going to complain about Tom Corbett spending $30 million on the tallest building in Pennsylvania in downtown Philadelphia. It’s a huge win for Philly urbanism, a huge win for the local tech sector, and a huge win for city jobs.

But it’s also a $1.2 BILLION project, so I have to wonder exactly what Comcast needs a puny $30 million in extra state money for.

State spending on extending the subway concourse is a totally legitimate public transportation investment, but that’s not where the $30 million is going. It seems like just a random $30 million for “job creation” that Comcast was going to do anyway.

I’m pretty sure this $30 million is just paying for a Tom Corbett for Governor talking point, where he’s going to count all the permanent and construction jobs affiliated with this project in his commercials as part of “his” job creation total. It also gets Philly politicians to shut up for a couple weeks about how Republicans are killing this city.

Why else would he do this? He couldn’t find $45 million for the Philly school district when we needed it, but now there’s a random $30 million lying around that just happens to help the Governor out with a nice talking point?

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