#PAGov: Tom “Cut-n-Run” Corbett Retreats to Chamber of Commerce

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This hasn’t been in every story I’ve read about Tom “Cut-n-Run” Corbett running away from the victims of his budget cuts, but it deserves to be.

Corbett rescheduled his press conference at the Chamber of Commerce instead, which was first reported to me by my friend Jake Blumgart.

One messaging problem liberals have is that lots of people actually think the Chamber of Commerce is a government organization because it has such a boring governmenty name. But actually it’s the biggest private advocacy vehicle for organized business. The rough K-12 education situation is one of the big factors Center City District says is hurting Philly’s economy, so I don’t know why these dudes think Corbett’s a friend, but old white Republican solidarity trumps all I guess.

Anyway, Corbett took to the Twitters to blame the whole thing on liberal parents, as if the kids don’t think he’s a bastard too, but recall that school age kids too young to vote have been organizing against budget cuts too. If there’s a silver lining here it’s that Tom Corbett’s created a generation of Democratic organizers in Philly.

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