#PHL2015: How Ori Feibush Can Win District 2 With Green Messaging

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Since Ori Feibush is a political candidate for the District 2 Council seat, naturally we have to start looking at everything he does from here on out through a political lens. So I thought this was an interesting choice of emphasis in announcing a new development project:

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 9.29.53 PM

This is a great message for this district. Any infill development at all is green, because housing that gets built in the urban core is way greener than anything you could want to build in the suburbs, because it generates fewer car trips and tailpipe emissions.

Emphasizing particular green aspects of projects is going to be popular in this district. So popular in fact that even Kenyatta Johnson felt he had to appear at the ReNewbold green housing development opening, despite the fact that it was the dread market-rate housing that ticks off his base.

Liberals don’t always like developers, but they do like green buildings and “sustainable” stuff, and the more OCF Realty looks like a force for good on the environment this year, the more popular Ori’s going to be, and the more he’ll be able to split off the green liberals from the liberals who don’t understand housing economics.

Add in the new community center they started up in the neighborhood, and the number of positive things Ori will be able to say he’s done for the district is going to be vastly longer than Kenyatta’s list.

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2 Responses to #PHL2015: How Ori Feibush Can Win District 2 With Green Messaging

  1. Frank says:

    Your post about Katie McGinty’s environmental chops suggested that “electability and policy positions” are the two important factors, which I basically agree with for executive positions. But your assessment of Congresswoman Schwartz today added an important consideration when it comes to legislative positions, especially ones as personality-driven as 17-member City Council: “the human element of legislative politics is frequently underrated by people…who are looking at these negotiations from 10,000 feet.” Even if he were noticeably better on policy than Councilman Johnson, which I don’t think Feibush is, I have to doubt how effective Ori would be on Council.

    Also, I would imagine that Johnson is a much better messenger for progressive priorities about land use than Feibush would be with reticent-yet-persuadable constituents of the Second District. The average voter is going to be more skeptical buying a defense of, for instance, the property tax abatement from a developer than from someone else.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      If only Councilman Johnson had sensible views on land use and housing affordability to persuade 2nd District constituents of!

      As far as I’m concerned, one of the only things Ori would have to do to be more effective on Council is immediately use his Councilmanic Prerogative to take the holds off the dozens of PRA lots Kenyatta is blocking the sale of in Point Breeze. Just flood the market with land and push down rents in the neighborhood.