PoliticsPA’s “Opinion” Section Better Now

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To go meta for a minute on the least important topic ever, PoliticsPA used to bisect the opinion articles in their Morning Buzz list into an official Opinions section for opinion pieces published in Real Newspapers, and a ghettoized Blogs section for opinion pieces published online.

Keystone Politics has long dominated the blog posts list because we blog a lot, and while some of it is lazy aggregation that’s just about putting important info in front of our fellow progressive partisans, we also do a lot of original analysis, issue development, thought leadership, and occasionally some reporting. It’s not all rap videos and dumb jokes around here!

The ghettoization of Blogs always irked me a bit because while I could see why a print newspaper would want to keep propagating the fantasy that there’s some important difference between what fancy published opinion columnists do and what bloggers do, an online politics publication would seem to have a clear interest in changing the perception that print is somehow more legitimate.

So I was pumped to see this morning that, under the wise leadership of Brittany Foster, there’s now just one Opinion section in Morning Buzz, where newspaper op-eds have to co-mingle on the same physical plane as us bloggers.

It’s a good move, and not just because it’s in our professional interest, but because opinion writing is an area that really could use some meritocracy, problematic as that concept is in some other areas of life. Many newspaper political columnist positions statewide are staffed with old journalists who are basically retired and just phoning it in now. It’s essentially a seniority system, which is nice for the people who land those jobs, but it’s a total disservice to readers who actually are shopping for some insights on politics.

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