Sell Easton’s Governor Wolf Building Parking Lot!

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The Governor Wolf Building in Easton looks like it’s getting turned into apartments, and that’s great. The developer is the same company who hit a home run with the Pomeroy building, and now they’re turning the GW into apartments too. It’s going to be an awesome infill project on a nice walkable street in Easton’s beautiful downtown.

The big problem with the Governor Wolf building being owned by the government though was that the back end looks like this and there was no real imperative to do anything about it:

photo (4)

This is overlooking a nice recently-renovated park along the river. There was never any pressing economic need for local government to sell the parking lot, because it’s not like they pay real estate taxes or anything, but the developer should subdivide the lot and sell it to someone else to build on, or else build on it himself.

Becky Bradley, now at LVPC, was Easton’s planner until recently and had the foresight to give Larry Holmes Drive a road diet a few years back to make the riverfront more pedestrian friendly. She succeeded, and now it’s time to finish the job by getting some mixed-use infill development on the parking lots facing the river. People might like some coffee or an ice cream while walking on the nice trail over there. Somebody needs to get on this.

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