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The Best Keystone Politics Traffic Month Of All Time

40K views this month, and over 1000 views a day on average for the past 6 months! Thanks for reading, sharing, and helping us grow our reach.

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Off to the Progressive Summit!

Light or no blogging today as I’m headed out to Harrisburg for the Progressive Summit. Don’t forget to come meet your political media overlords at this panel on Saturday at 3:30 with John Micek, Brittany Foster, Randy LoBasso, and me.

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#PAGov: Tom Wolf is the Only Democrat Polling Over 50% Against Tom Corbett

The latest Quinnipiac poll results contained an interesting milestone in the Democratic primary for Governor – it was the first time one of the Democratic candidates polled over 50% against Tom Corbett: The light blue bars represent Quinnipiac’s December 2013 … More after the jump

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#SD34: Jay Paterno Should Run For State Senate

Jake Corman, the Republican state Senator in the 34th Senate district, is considered to be a rising star in PA Republican politics. Based on the last three statewide elections’ results, the 34th district is something like an R+5, so it … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Tom Wolf Will Make Education Funding Formula Overhaul a Top Priority

Tom Wolf is out with a new release this morning promising that he’ll make a fair education funding formula a top priority, and this assessment of the problem elsewhere on his website shows that he really gets it: Governor Corbett’s … More after the jump

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Why PA’s Urban Areas Can’t Have Nice Things

A few comments on this post noted that school district consolidation at the county level wouldn’t do anything for Philadelphia, and that’s true. Philly already has a countywide school district. But this gets at the political problem with having varied … More after the jump

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Keystone Politics: IRL

I’m on a panel with my friend Brittany Foster of Politics PA this Saturday at the Progressive Summit at 3:30. It’s called Meet the Press and one of my PA political journalism heroes, John Micek, is moderating. Come say hi.

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Patriot-News Uncovers Glut of Severely Undervalued Property in Most US Cities

Last week Emily Previti worked up a great data driven parking piece for Harrisburg’s P/N. Her conclusions were: · Harrisburg’s new ticket costs seem high. Harrisburg’s old $14 expired meter fine ranked 32nd; the new $30 fine ranks 11th.  Scranton, an Act … More after the jump

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Why Countywide School Districts? To Get the Money

Rich Wilkins and Bernie O’Hare have some posts up about the Allentown School District and its perennial financial misfortunes. The issue is that Pennsylvania funds only about 32% of education costs with state tax dollars, and the rest comes from … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Marijuana is Pennsylvania Voters’ 15th Issue, Right Above “Other”

About a month ago, I got a lot of pushback from John Hanger supporters on my article, “Marijuana Is Not the #1 Issue.” 129 comments later, Hanger fans were extremely certain that it was in fact a major issue for Pennsylvania … More after the jump

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