10 Things We Learned From Today’s #PAGov Forum

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1. Katie McGinty supports a state public finance system for elections. No details on that, but she endorsed the concept.

2. Everybody loves Ben Franklin Technology Partners, as they should, because it’s probably the most legitimate job *creation* engine PA has. The Republicans cut its funding, natch.

3. Everybody supports Pre-K

4. Tom Wolf will release his business tax returns.

5. Wolf is also the most skeptical of the stupid job poaching game states play, and that won him points in my book. He also explained “combined reporting” and why the Delaware Loophole isn’t really closed, which won him even more points.

6. Allyson Schwartz thinks you should be able to buy a 6-pack of beer at a beer distributor, but also thinks “modernization” involves more nested state stores inside grocery stores and restaurants. Everybody supports “modernization” of alcohol sales, which I can only imagine must mean more kludgy bullshit like this is on the way.

7. Quote of the morning from Jo Ellen Litz, who keeps landing on the invite list for these forums somehow: “When I look at the Delaware Loophole, I see many things”

8. John Hanger made the good point that funding senior programs with gambling money is a regressive tax on addicts.

9. Katie McGinty responded to the criticism that polluter donations would corrupt her by listing off all the ways she’s gone up against polluters and won during her career as the state’s top environmental regulator – mandated reductions in energy use, tougher coal pollution regulations, etc. It was a pretty good answer in my opinion, and destroying the fossil fuel industries is one of my top voting issues.

10. Tom Wolf said he wanted to go back to Ed Rendell’s vision for a 50/50 split between state and local education funding. The national average is about 48%. Since Tom Corbett took off, PA’s state share has dropped from 44% down to 32%. That’s a massive hike in the state share, but I don’t believe Wolf gave a timeframe for the phase-in. Still, an important promise.

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2 Responses to 10 Things We Learned From Today’s #PAGov Forum

  1. Albert Brooks says:

    Modernization is kludgy BS. To start with nobody has listed any specifics of what they think modernization is. I posted the reality of the current proposed direct wine shipping “modernization” plan (http://noplcb.blogspot.com/2014/01/modernization-wouldnt-do-what-consumer.html) and will have another on licensee discounts and variable pricing up soon.

    Anybody that says they support this fiasco without knowing want it actually entails is only trying to BS the citizens.

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