Bob Brady on the Maria Quiñones Sánchez Slate: Latinos Have Enough Power

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Shorter verbatim Bob Brady:

Brady scoffed at the notion that Hispanics didn’t have enough representation now – “How are they underrepresented? Angel Cruz is Hispanic, and Ralph Acosta’s daughter is Hispanic,” he said.

But back in the real world:

Though Latinos constitute 13 percent of the city’s population – about 201,000 people, according to census figures – their political influence has not kept pace with the community’s growth […]

Aside from Quiñones Sánchez, the city has only two other elected officials of Latino descent – State Rep. Angel Cruz, one of the incumbents the slate is trying to unseat; and Miranda, who was charged last month in a political corruption case.

(In the Miranda race, the party is backing Leslie Acosta, daughter of former State Rep. Ralph Acosta.)

Support the MQS slate! Give them some money! Sign up to volunteer to knock doors for them! They are:

– Quetcy Lozada in House District 180
– Danilo Burgos in House District 197
– Jason Dawkins in House District 179
– Tomas Sánchez in Senate District 2

As for the Brady Bunch, these dudes suck, and they need to go away. Their whole political power base is the conservative wing of the labor movement – a bunch of white conservative men who regularly endorse Republican candidates and who mostly don’t even live in Philadelphia:

If you live in Philadelphia and read this blog, you should run for city committee and become a vote for dislodging Bob Brady. Petition season starts tomorrow and you only need 10 signatures to get on the ballot. In my division, the committee candidates won with 62 and 45 votes in 2010. These are winnable races, and progressives should contest them. Email me to find out more and get moral support:

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3 Responses to Bob Brady on the Maria Quiñones Sánchez Slate: Latinos Have Enough Power

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Old white guys have too much power. They own the country and they want to own you and me, too.

  2. You’re right about Bob Brady. He needs to go, and soon. He’s a pox on Philly like George Norcross is a pox on South Jersey.

  3. Michael Noda says:

    How many more statewide elections might we have won, had we only had someone good at politics running the Philadelphia Democratic Party?