#HD164 Brian Sims Endorses Billy Smith’s Primary Challenge to Margo Davidson

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Following on his endorsement of Jared Solomon’s primary challenge to Mark Cohen in HD 202, Brian Sims endorses Billy Smith’s primary campaign against conservative Democrat Margo Davidson.

I haven’t seen an endorsement of Erin Molchany in her redistricting-forced primary with conservadem Harry Readshaw yet, but Sims and Molchany have worked together a lot so I have to assume that’s coming. Very glad to see Brian using his rising star status to influence other races.

From my inbox:

Lansdowne–On Thursday, February 13th 2014, State Representative Brian Sims endorsed Billy Smith for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 164th District.

“Representing the people of Pennsylvania in the legislature takes principled leaders who have a record of fighting for what’s right,” said Rep. Sims. “Billy Smith will best represent the voice of his region and constituents.”

Sims was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2012 as the first openly LGBT person elected to the legislature in the Commonwealth’s history. He noted the importance of electing strong leaders who will fight Governor Corbett’s extreme agenda and have a vision for the future of Pennsylvania.

“Progressive values are under attack in the capitol, and if we are going to protect and advance equality, women’s health care and public education, we must elect authentic leaders like Billy Smith to the State House,” said Sims.

Smith spoke about the importance of Representative Sims’ support.

“Brian Sims’ commitment to his constituents is something I admire and hope to emulate in Harrisburg. Brian has done so much for Pennsylvania, it means a great deal to have him on board. His support and the support of my neighbors in the 164th district will help send another true progressive to Harrisburg to fight Tom Corbett’s extreme agenda and get Pennsylvania back on the right track.”

Representative Sims’ endorsement of Billy Smith follows the endorsement of Upper Darby Democratic Committee Chairman Ed Bradley, Lansdowne Mayor Tony Campuzano and former Lansdowne Mayor Jayne Young.

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7 Responses to #HD164 Brian Sims Endorses Billy Smith’s Primary Challenge to Margo Davidson

  1. Alfred Achtert Jr. says:

    Wouldn’t the best way to “fight Tom Corbett’s extreme agenda” be to work for a strong Democratic candidate to replace him?

    • Jon Geeting says:

      What do you think is mutually exclusive about endorsing progressive challengers for the state House and supporting progressive candidates for Governor?

  2. Timothy Parker says:

    What about medical Cannabis?

  3. Ed H. says:

    I’m not opposed to seeing Margo gone from the General Assembly. But Sims’ has now picked another fight with another State Rep that will likely win in the primary. What a dope Sims is.

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