#HD202: Brian Sims Says Mark Cohen “Arguing With Plants,” Questions “Faculties To Do This Job Anymore”

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Brian Sims tells the truth. Mark Cohen is no longer interested or capable of doing the job of state representative. He has been checked out for some time now:

The battle — generational and ideological — between two state Representatives from Philly took a turn toward the personal today when Brian Sims questioned whether Mark Cohen has the metal “faculties to do this job anymore.”

In a Facebook post, Sims, 35, said Cohen, 64, is well-known in the state Capitol for being “absent minded and lost” and often missing or late for important committee hearings.

“Virtually every single person in the Capitol has a story about Mark being lost in a bathroom or arguing with the plants or with the pictures on the wall,” Sims wrote. “Much more importantly, he’s simply not showing up to the one committee he serves on and chairs, across from [state Rep.] Daryl Metcalfe!”

Cohen is the Democratic chairman of the State Government Committee.  Metcalfe, a conservative Republican from Butler County is committee’s majority chairman.

After a busy afternoon of singing his own praises on every possible Internet forum, The Hardest Working State Rep  pretended he just now decided to endorse Babette Josephs’s sore loser primary against Brian Sims.

Of course the worst-kept secret in Pennsylvania politics for weeks has been that Mark Cohen, Kevin and Brendan Boyle, and Margo Davidson were trying to draft the 73-year-old former rep into the HD 182 primary to keep Sims too busy to campaign for their primary opponents.

(via Chris Brennan)

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14 Responses to #HD202: Brian Sims Says Mark Cohen “Arguing With Plants,” Questions “Faculties To Do This Job Anymore”

  1. Sean Kitchen says:

    Has there been a wikipedia update yet?

  2. Jordan Gwendolyn Davis says:

    Do you think that this really is a positive for Brian that he said this. I have NEVER noticed Mark doing anything like what Brian has been saying. This is pure ageism right here.

  3. Squarian says:

    “Arguing” with the plants? Cohen has outdone the Prince of Wales – he talk to plants, but he doesn’t fall out with them.

  4. Who is running against Kevin Boyle?

  5. Mark might not be the best politician from Sims view, but he still knows how Harrisburg works, and anyone who truly understands the power dynamics in that building knows WE ALL need to talk to plants.

    It’s the only way to stay sane

  6. The idea that character assassination is some kind of legitimate tactic, or is somehow relevant to pursuing liberal political values, is absurd. For 40 years I have worked in the legislature to build a better Pennsylvania–in accord with political and personal values of compassion, empathy and concern with the well-being of others– and I have worked especially hard and effectively in this legislative session. My attendance record on the floor of the House and in the State Government Committee is substantially better than that of Mr. Sims.

    I did not persuade former Representative Babette Josephs, whom I consider to be one of the finest people and best legislators I have ever met, to enter the race for re-election. It is sexist to assume a woman acts only at the behest of men. The deep disillusionment with Mr. Sims that many of his initial supporters have come to feel persuaded her enter to the race. The public contempt with which he is treating me after a lifetime of advocating for respect for LGBT people and other unfairly marginalized groups is only a public manifestation of the private contempt with which he treats many other people.

    I will decisively win re-nomination on May 20, 2014, and serve in the 2015-2016 legislative session. The deeper Mr. Sims descends into the political mud, the more that political mud defines the essence of who Mr. Sims is and what he believes in, the less the likelihood that he will be joining me there.

  7. Jon Geeting says:

    Mark that’s not what the American Conservative Union’s scorecard says. They say you missed a quarter of their key votes, and Sims missed one. That’s how you ended up with a more liberal score than him – because they don’t count missed votes against you. Since you are the per diem king, I wonder how you can possibly justify not having a perfect attendance record on crucial votes.

  8. Jon Geeting says:

    Brett, I’ve been hearing nutty Cohen stories for years. I’ve never met the guy and don’t doubt his commitment to progressive values (despite strongly disagreeing with his “liberal” take on judicial elections and alcohol reform issues), and I wouldn’t have advised a candidate to put this quite how Brian did, but Brian certainly isn’t wrong. There is a time to retire. There is a time when your brain stops being as sharp as it once was and that’s when you call it career and let somebody else represent the seat.

  9. There may be a time when my brain will become not as sharp as it once was, but that time has not been reached. Mr. Sims’ fundamental antipathy towards me is based on my admiration for, and friendship with, Babette Josephs. Those who wish to join his mean-spirited Spiro Agnew-like crusade against me will be inevitably tarred by it, as will Mr. Sims.

  10. Robert G. says:

    I don’t know Cohen or Sims, but I find that personal attacks such as this are fundamentally wrong. If you want to make a case for someone to vote against another person, keep it to policy stances, not whether they are slowing down or if they “talk to plants” (which I think sounds ludicrous). I guess what I have a bigger problem with is that having known individuals with Alzheimer’s (which can set in early– someone’s 60’s), I know that they can exhibit similar traits. This disease is awful, it eats away at the most important part of your body, your brain, until you have withered and then die. Alzheimer’s, or memory issues, are not something you should use to your political advantage, it is disgraceful and harmful to those who suffer from it and those who have family who suffer from it.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      No one is minimizing those issues. But it’s a legitimate complaint that if somebody is slowing down mentally, then they’re not going to be any good at this job, as Mr. Cohen has ceased to be.

  11. Again, that is a personal judgment without factual basis. The voters of the 202nd District will definitively rebut that smear in the May 20 Democratic Primary.

    • David Moscow says:

      Rep Cohen why do you continue to dodge the per diem question? Why don’t you have a perfect attendance if you take the most per diem’s?