#HD202: Jared Solomon Tweaks Mark Cohen For Abusing Per Diems

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(Working the hardest)

John Baer reports that Mark Cohen’s primary challenger Jared Solomon in the 202nd House district will not partake in the “per-diem” payments, which Cohen is notorious for treating like a second income:

Northeast Philly community activist Jared Solomon, who is challenging long-time incumbent Democratic state Rep. Mark Cohen in the May 20 primary, says if elected he will not accept taxpayer-funded expenses known as per diems.

This is a full-frontal attack on Cohen’s long established (and reported) record for being at or near the top of expense-grabbing lawmakers for most of his tenure in Harrisburg.

As of May, Cohen will have served in the state House 40 years.

Solomon says Cohen used his (entirely legal) expenses to build a personal library, pay the mortgage on a second house and fly to and from Harrisburg — all of which has been reported over the years, none of which has prevented Cohen’s multiple reelections, often with no opposition.

Cohen defends himself with the specious claim that he “may well be the hardest working state legislator” but the claim falls apart when you look at how many votes he skips.

The American Conservative Union’s score of PA state lawmakers found Cohen got a 0% rating from them – but it was only because he skipped 4 out of the 15 key votes they scored – 26%! – and they don’t score missed votes.

Wouldn’t you expect the Hardest Working State Lawmaker Ever to vote on all the most consequential bills?

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4 Responses to #HD202: Jared Solomon Tweaks Mark Cohen For Abusing Per Diems

  1. Jon Geeting says:

    Did Cohen actually disconnect his jaw in that photo, like a Hoagie Anaconda?

  2. tgb says:

    Maybe Brad Bumsteds book is on to something. Nice article John Baer. I liked your book as well. Now read the Quiet Don and appreciate the use of Ron Castilles use of “Kings” powers.

  3. YoungPhillyProgressive says:

    I think Being a hoagie anaconda would win you votes in Philadelphia.

  4. Ryan Briggs says:

    For shame. That’s clearly a cheesesteak from Joe’s.