PA State Senate: Vote the Party, Not the Person

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Despite a few spikes of pundit interest in the possibility that Pennsylvania GOP leaders might yank Tom Corbett and Jim Cawley and run a relatively less damaged candidate for Governor in 2014 (speculation gleefully encouraged by this blog) it was utterly unsurprising that Corbett and Cawley received the party’s official endorsement for reelection at the Republican state committee meeting this weekend.

Corbett is the incumbent Governor of his political party, he’s been carrying out the party’s official agenda very faithfully, and it would telegraph weakness for the party to be seen essentially admitting that its agenda is deadly unpopular.

Republicans always chalk this up to Corbett being a poor communicator, or to the Democrats’ allegedly superior messaging, in their public communications, because that’s the best they can do to spin away from the GOP’s real problem: that voters elected all these Republican politicians, they had full control of Harrisburg, and all we got was this lousy job growth rate, crappier public schools, and a Department of Environmental Protection who thinks it is an advocacy organization for dirty extractive industries.

When among the party faithful, Republicans admit they’ve gotten their way on everything, and they don’t want to “change the game plan at halftime when you’re winning”:

“This year, we know what’s at stake. We know that all of us, and all of the citizens of Pennsylvania have a very clear choice. The choice is simple: do we want to return to the old days of lavish government spending and deficits? The days of late budgets and uncertainty?,” Cawley asked. “Or do we want to continue down the path that you and I and our fellow Pennsylvanians have been forging these last three years?”

“Make no mistake, we are in a war of ideas and we need to build a core of Corbett captains to fight that war,” he continued, rallying the committee leaders in the room “You are going to be the boots on the ground.” […]

“You can’t forget the past, but we have to deal with the future,” he began. “We made the promise that we wouldn’t borrow from future generations so we could spend now. And I kept my promise.” […]

“Did you want us to control spending?” he asked the audience, who responded with a resounding ‘Yes.’… “Well that’s what we’ve done. We reduced the state budget for the first time in 40 years, yeah you can clap on that. You don’t change the game plan at halftime when you’re winning.”

The Republicans think that their policies, which have produced the third slowest job growth rate of the 50 states, are “winning.”

And to finally get to the point, the policies hobbling our Commonwealth’s economy could never have been enacted without the loyal support of Republican politicians in the state Senate and the state House.

If you don’t like these policies, it isn’t enough to just hand the Governor’s mansion over to Katie McGinty or Rob McCord. You Southeast PA Democrats also have to send your Republican state Senator packing so that we can elect four more state Senators, and flip control of that chamber to the Democrats.

If you don’t vote for the Democrat in your district, we’re going to keep getting the same dead end Republican Party agenda, because the people who actually voted for the Corbett policies – politicians in the two houses of the state legislature – will still be there, and their agenda will be only very slightly moderated by the veto power of Rob McCord or Katie McGinty.

If you’re done with the PA Republican Party’s no growth agenda, you need to make sure to pull a straight Democratic ticket.

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One Response to PA State Senate: Vote the Party, Not the Person

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Unless you are a wealthy, old white guy, voting the GOP is voting against your economic and societal self-interest. So I most definitely will not.