#PA13: MoveOn Endorses Daylin Leach for Congress

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No surprise here. After a four-way vote from PA-13 residents between Val Arkoosh, Brendan Boyle, Daylin Leach, and Marjorie Margolies — Daylin Leach has just picked up the endorsement of the popular progressive activist site of MoveOn.Org. MoveOn says that Leach garnered 55% of the vote, a clear majority, and that he will best represent the 16,000 MoveOn members who reside in Pennsylvania’s 13th congressional district:

This endorsement will no doubt be helpful to Leach in the liberal PA-13 — as MoveOn has many tools to provide him with small-dollar donors from across the country, along with boots on the ground from their members in-and-around his district.

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2 Responses to #PA13: MoveOn Endorses Daylin Leach for Congress

  1. Sean Kitchen says:

    I live in the PA 13 and find MoveOn to be very annoying. I’m a big Leach supporter and I was really surprised that MoveOn has 16,000 members in my district. The constant emails about that’ll drive members out to vote is probably the best thing.

  2. steventodd says:

    Bravo, MoveOn. I am not a constituent of PA-13, but I am a long time MoveOn member, giving when I can (which ain’t now). Daylin Leach is my favorite sitting PA General Assembly member, and a no-brainer for any progressive group’s endorsement.