#PAGov: Al Gore Endorses Katie McGinty

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Al Gore agrees with us that Katie McGinty is the best choice for environmentalists:

“I strongly endorse Katie McGinty for governor,” said Gore. “She shares my belief that we can build a better country and improve the lives of hard-working families. Katie has always viewed environmental challenges as economic opportunities. She knows how to create jobs—while protecting the environment. And she has the intellect, leadership skills, and optimistic, can-do attitude to build a better and more prosperous Pennsylvania.

“Katie has always believed that we can create jobs and economic growth, while protecting our environment. And she has the record to prove it,” Gore said.

During her tenure as first woman to head the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection under Gov. Ed Rendell, Gore said, “She attracted clean energy companies to Pennsylvania, bringing a billion dollars in new investment, and creating 3,000 jobs. Under Katie’s leadership, Pennsylvania became number one in the country in wind energy jobs, number two in solar, and a pioneer in energy efficient technology and systems. She knows that good environmental policy is also good economic policy.”

As Donald Gilliland points out, this is the highest profile endorsement in the race so far and the news should help boost McGinty’s name recognition.

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3 Responses to #PAGov: Al Gore Endorses Katie McGinty

  1. That’s all well and good. The bigger strike against her is that Bob Rubin endorsed her. It’s the kiss of death.

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