#PAGov: Marijuana is Pennsylvania Voters’ 15th Issue, Right Above “Other”

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About a month ago, I got a lot of pushback from John Hanger supporters on my article, “Marijuana Is Not the #1 Issue.” 129 comments later, Hanger fans were extremely certain that it was in fact a major issue for Pennsylvania voters — particularly the youth. There is now a new Franklin & Marshall poll out today where they gave marijuana legalization as an option for most important issue with regards to how you’ll be making your decision for governor. Here are those results:


If you’re more of a graph person, here’s how that looks if your eyesight is good:


Interestingly enough, along with marijuana garnering 1% of Democratic voters who think it’s currently one of Pennsylvania’s most important issues, Mr. Hanger also received 1% support in this poll.

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9 Responses to #PAGov: Marijuana is Pennsylvania Voters’ 15th Issue, Right Above “Other”

  1. Tom Angell says:

    Ryan, I trust you’ll devote just as much time to covering marijuana issues as you do for gun control, minimum wage, women’s rights, infrastructure and social issues? Cuz Pennsylvania voters seem to think marijuana legalization is just as important as they think those issues are.

    • Ryan says:

      Untrue. Don’t forget about rounding — as all the issues that are listed as 1% are not in alphabetical order. Marijuana is dead last.

  2. Karel Minor says:

    Dude, when you combine that with the “other” category (I’m most concerned I can’t find my bong) and the “Don’t know” category (I totally found my bong and I totally can’t follow the question), that’s, like, practically as much as “education”, which would totally be my number one if we could smoke dope in school.

  3. bramr101 says:

    In terms of science, this poll merely asked “What is the #1 Issue?” Marijuana could well be one of those which even its most ardent partisans will not have the nerve to rank it *above* education or the economy.

    A more informative picture would have come from, “Rank these issues in order of importance” or “Rate these issues on a scale of 1 to 10.”

  4. JoyfulA says:

    It’s part of benefits for senior citizens, who tell me it’s better than the opioids for pain relief.

    • Ryan says:

      Definitely beneficial for senior citizens. I’m a big supporter of marijuana legalization — it’s just not an issue important to voters in Pennsylvania yet.