#PAGov: New Tom Corbett Ad Total Sausage Party

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A very good observation from Above Average Jane:

As I was watching tv this evening a commercial for Gov. Tom Corbett came on.  It shows Corbett talking with groups of people, with shorter interspersed clips of him talking to individuals or two or three people at a time.  The larger groups look like they take place in a variety of settings, one looks like a living room, another looks like a business of some sort (perhaps a bar or a barbershop).  One of the individuals is in a hardware store.

What I noticed is that in the clips with individuals all the individuals are men, when two people are present, both are men.  In a setting of three one is a woman but, to me, it is implied that she is married to one of the men (they walk closely together in a married sort of way).  In the group settings there is at least one woman in each group, but she (or they) are very outnumbered.

Corbett talks about how he has cut government payroll, cut welfare waste and fraud, and not raised taxes.  To me it was a commercial clearly aimed at men, and mostly white men at that.  Gov. Corbett does not seem to be appealing to female voters much at all.

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3 Responses to #PAGov: New Tom Corbett Ad Total Sausage Party

  1. B A Seidel says:

    Being a horse owner and lover all my life and having seen him on tv once at the Pa Farm Show really looking like he enjoyed them, I keep looking for some reason to at least like the guy. (My thought process being if he likes horses, then…) But he keeps coming up as mcuh less than a horse’s ass.
    I almost had a car accident while driving when his ad about how much he has done for education in the state came on the radio.
    Clearly he is merely a tea partyesque right wingnut/liar with little regard for women, the working class, or people who need protection from big oil and gas companies. What a pleasant looking total jerk he is.

  2. John H says:

    Why does Corbett disable comments on all his videos on Youtube? Apparently he does not want to hear from the voters of Pennsylvania. I am sure he listens to his masters in the gas industry.