#BlingSting: What If Frank Fina Just Wants Cover For Botched Sandusky Investigation?

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The most important thing to know about the fake controversy over Kathleen Kane’s decision to drop the unprosecuteable Corbett AG sting targeting black Philadelphia Democratic elected officials doesn’t appear until quite far into Thomas Fitzgerald’s Sunday piece:

Kane’s troubles give critics – some of whom might want to stop her rise – a chance to take her down, or at least muddy her up. Her allies have suggested Fina has a motive to hurt her because she is conducting a review of the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse investigation, which Fina ran when he was with the A.G.’s Office.

Real reporters unfortunately can’t go here because there’s too much speculation involved, but this is a blog so we can tell it like it is.

The real political meta-significance of the whole #blingsting story is that Frank Fina and Tom Corbett are terrified of what Kane’s Sandusky probe will say about them, so they are trying to slime Kathleen Kane preemptively.

The only actual offense the sting uncovered – non-reporting of gifts – is a misdemeanor. The gifts themselves are legal. And we know that the gifts, which are the focus of all the media attention, can’t be the real issue, because otherwise the same people would’ve been hyperventilating over Tom Corbett’s wife Susan taking over $11,000 in gifts from business execs who have interests before state government.

But some natural gas baron giving Susan Corbett an expensive fancy dress doesn’t offend the right-wing id quite like a blah person getting a Tiffany bracelet, so the latter is a “scandal” and the former isn’t.

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5 Responses to #BlingSting: What If Frank Fina Just Wants Cover For Botched Sandusky Investigation?

  1. LionInTheMidwest says:

    Frank Fina wanted the limelight. Him arresting Jerry Sandusky – boring. Him arresting Jerry Sandusky and tying Joe Paterno into protecting a former employee – National Headlines. Frank thinks he’s a pretty smart guy and there were others around him providing encouragement and support. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t weigh the downside consequences of being found out. But don’t worry Frank, you won’t have to go thru this alone. The list will be long and destinquished.

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  3. jcpm says:

    Frank did his job! The legislators were caught on tape. Wtf? Kathleen Kane protects members of her party that are committing CRIMES! They are blatant about it and she tries to sweep it under the rug! Fire her, she can NOT do HER job!

    • The only thing Kane was guilty of was not trying to get misdemeanors, as Jon said. You’re nuts if you think any of the 4 were ever going to serve jail time for this.

    • Anon says:

      Frank did his job? Really? Where’s the indictment of the legislators? Where’s the conviction of Tyron Ali? Not just for welfare fraud, but for campaign finance fraud (McCaffrey straw donors) and investor fraud? These were open and shut cases handed to him on a platter. He should have gotten guilty pleas by 2010. By January 2013 he did NOTHING! I wish I could be paid six figures to not close cases.