#HD182: Sims Responds to Josephs’ Campaign’s Forgery Allegations

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Representative Brian Sims released the following statement to Keystone Politics, with respect to the allegations against Former Representative Josephs.

“As a rule, I don’t want to comment on an ongoing legal proceeding. Like most Philadelphians, I’m surprised by the allegations of widespread fraud and I have faith that the court will decide the case fairly and apply the appropriate legal standards.”

The Keystone Politics team has reached out for comment from Former Representative Babette Josephs and her campaign staff. Thus far there has been no response.

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One Response to #HD182: Sims Responds to Josephs’ Campaign’s Forgery Allegations

  1. steventodd says:

    Thank God for the internet, and especially social media and the blogosphere. We used to have to depend on MainStream Media to tell us all is well when it wasn’t. MSM still doesn’t have this, except Philly.com, at least not in return to “Babette Josephs Petition” All must be well…we know it is not.

    I hope justice is allowed to be served. It seems the rules that govern our behavior – such as prohibition from felonious forgery of notarized election documents – are historically not really applied to either the wealthy or the connected. Just make sure you don’t smoke a leaf, or you will be dealt with swiftly.