#HD36: Crappiest Poll Says Harry Readshaw Leads Erin Molchany

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295-person sample size? Srsly?:

Survey Methodology: From March 2-5, 2014, Tulchin Research conducted a random telephone survey in the Pennsylvania’s 36th House District among 295 likely 2014 Democratic primary voters.

Interviews were conducted by live professional callers and the sample included both landline and cell phone numbers. The margin of error for this survey is +/- 5.65 percentage points.

Erin Molchany may well have low name recognition in the new district, but she has a huge pile of ammunition to use against conservadem Harry Readshaw in this campaign, and she’s also going to have popular politicians Bill Peduto and Rich Fitzgerald campaigning for her. This is going to tighten up fast.

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2 Responses to #HD36: Crappiest Poll Says Harry Readshaw Leads Erin Molchany

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  2. wondering says:

    what were the poll results?