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Happy filing day, fellow PA politicos. As you know by now, each gubernatorial candidate needs 2,000 signatures with 100 coming from 10 counties to get on the ballot. But every good campaign tries to get as many as possible during the three week petition period to brag about the strength of their grassroots.

So, Keystone Politics keeping a running list of how many signatures each Democratic gubernatorial candidate has submitted, followed by lieutenant governor numbers. We’ll update it as soon as we hear from the campaigns, or as soon as I count them manually:

 The Gov Race:

Allyson Schwartz: 22,000 signatures from 34 counties

Rob McCord: 13,000 signatures from 61 counties

Tom Wolf: “more than 12,000 signatures” from “more than 50 counties”

John Hanger: 5,356 signatures from 40 counties

Katie McGinty: 5,272 signatures from 40 counties

Jack Wagner: 4,600 signatures from 27 counties

Jo Ellen Litz: Did not file anything with the Department of State by 5pm deadline, will not be on the ballot.

Lt. Governor:

Mike Stack: 9,600 signatures

Brad Koplinski: 6,016 signatures with at least one from each county

Mark Critz: 4,273 signatures from 25 counties

Brandon Neuman: 2,463 signatures from 19 counties (manual count)

Mark Smith: 2,296 signatures from 18 counties (manual count)

Jay Paterno: 1,117 signatures from 17 counties (manual count, plus the Department of State put multiple counties in wrong electronic folders)

Brenda Alton: Did not file anything with the Department of State by 5pm deadline, will not be on the ballot.

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