#PAGov: First Wolf vs Corbett Exchange Highlights Key Wolf Strength

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With Tom Wolf as the nominee, Tom Corbett doesn’t get to use one of the stronger Republican campaign themes – pretending to credibly speak for business.

Tom Wolf obviously knows more about business than Tom Corbett. He runs a very successful company; Tom Corbett never has. And he runs his company in a way that’s consistent with progressive values, putting the lie to the Republican idea that it’s always good business to slash labor costs and pay top management ever-higher salaries.

I would add to Wolf press secretary Jeffrey Sheridan’s statement that natural gas jobs have been declining for the past 21 months in PA since the Republicans took over. The one tiny part of the PA economy they’ve focused all their energy on looks terrible. But this is great, great stuff:

“Pennsylvania has suffered from Tom Corbett’s failed leadership while his corporate cronies continue to be rewarded at the expense of middle-class families. Tom Wolf has a plan to give Pennsylvania a fresh start by making gas companies pay their fair share.

“Tom Wolf would impose an extraction tax that would generate hundreds of millions of dollars for things like education and infrastructure. Pennsylvania is the only major gas-producing state that does not have an extraction tax, yet our citizens are forced to pay for gas produced in other states like Texas and Oklahoma.

“Tom Corbett thinks he speaks for business – he doesn’t. Tom Wolf built a business into the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the country. He pays his workers a living wage, gives them great benefits, and even shares 20 to 30 percent of his profits with employees. Tom Wolf knows how to create jobs, and as governor, he will level the playing field and invest in our future to build a stronger Pennsylvania.”

Original Corbett statement after the jump:


You may have seen furniture-magnate Tom Wolf on the airwaves, claiming Governor Corbett hasn’t imposed enough taxes on Marcellus Shale developers.

Ever wonder how he’d feel if the tables were turned and as Governor Corbett joked this week, we enacted a “special excise tax on cabinet makers”?

Of course the governor finished by saying, “no one business should have a special tax,” but you get the idea.

After all, we know the truth. Natural gas producers have paid over $2.1 BILLION in state taxes, and more than $400 million to local communities to help with critical local projects. And they’re creating better and more stable jobs for over 200,000 Pennsylvanians!

We can’t over-tax this critical, job creating industry, just like we can’t impose special taxes on furniture manufacturers like Tom Wolf.

Will you contribute $5 or $10 right now to help Governor Corbett stand up against misleading and false attacks from our liberal opponents?

We need to be able to spread the truth about Marcellus drilling taxes, and we need your help to do it. Contribute $5 or $10 now.

Thanks for your support,

Mike Barley
Campaign Manager

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5 Responses to #PAGov: First Wolf vs Corbett Exchange Highlights Key Wolf Strength

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  2. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Cabinet makers aren’t destroying our Commonwealth. Cabinet making factories don’t explode and force us to breathe, despite Paydep’s claims to the contrary, carcinogens for more than a week. A cabinet maker did not withdraw a million gallons of water from Dunkard Creek, which was already impaired by an illegal discharge of fracking waste by CNX. The furniture industry does not treat us locals with arrogance and our waterways as privately owned corporate sewers. I’ll vote for the cabinet maker…I might live longer.

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  4. lu says:

    Corbett on the defense already? A great offense will beat a good defense. Governor Tom Wolf has a great ring to it…..don’t you think?