#PAGov: Hanger Out

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I always liked John Hanger as a person and a blogger, and clearly I’m not generally opposed to lefty primary candidates, but it was clear for months that he just wasn’t gaining enough traction with activists to become the Democratic nominee for Governor.

It was actually bad for progressive power in this race to have left-wing hopes tied up with a guy who wasn’t going to win the primary. It’d be better for all the Hanger fans to find somebody with good fundraising numbers and decent polling, and pull them to the left on some issues. That’s the only way you’re going to get the top tier candidates to move in your direction – by co-opting somebody who can actually beat them.

So peace to John Hanger, and I’m sorry that this blog had to take an oppositional posture toward his campaign over the last couple months, but this is ultimately a positive development for progressives, because it opens up some space on the left for one of the top candidates to move into and pick up some voters.

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2 Responses to #PAGov: Hanger Out

  1. Taylor Lightman says:

    Where does everybody think his support go? If there was an exodus to Wolf it would really put the nail on all the other candidates. I kinda don’t think they will go to McGinty, it would be like jumping from a sinking ship to another sinking ship…

  2. Tsuyoshi says:

    Don’t overestimate Wolf. His support is wide now, but shallow. He’s just on TV ahead of everyone else. He’s too early, really, since advertising more than a month ahead of an off-year primary will not, in the end, make any difference.