#PAGov: Nothing Unearthed So Far Will Stop Tom Wolf

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I won’t predict that there’s nothing out there that could make Tom Wolf unacceptable to primary voters, but all the lame stuff the other campaigns have been pushing so far is really weak sauce.

You’d need something that meaningfully contradicts the Wolf campaign’s story about who Wolf is, or some position he’s taken that’s poisonous to a Democratic primary electorate.

If neither of those things exist he’s probably the nominee.

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6 Responses to #PAGov: Nothing Unearthed So Far Will Stop Tom Wolf

  1. Sean Kitchen says:

    Even though Hanger had a small base, him dropping out of the race is probably one of the better things for the Wolf campaign because realistically, how many Hanger supporters are going to vote for Schwartz.

  2. Faye north says:

    I completely agree. Tom wolf did a great job getting his story and name recognition out to the voters while the other candidates seem to be sleeping. Tom wolf wants to be governor. And I believe he will be able to make this happen

  3. ppleb says:

    Again, you are far too complacent. It’s irresponsible to say Wolf is a sure thing unless there is a crazy revelation at a time when no other top candidates have made major media buys yet. Few actual voters even know who else is running, much less know anything about them. I’m not saying Wolf won’t be the nominee, but McCord (if he hustles) and especially Schwartz will surely make this close.