#SD28: Active Dems in York/Harrisburg Need to Go Volunteer for Linda Small

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I don’t know what you are doing this weekend but this is what you should be doing.

If you haven’t heard, Republicans are killing each other to get after Mike Waugh’s open State Senate seat in York county.

Tea party garbageman Scott Wagner has this ad out against “career politicians”, obvi his GOP opponent, 8 term York County Rep. Ron Miller.

And the Senate Republican Campaign Committee has this ad out against Wagner.

What all this money flying on the airwaves means for Dem’s is that we just might have an unconventional senate pick up available to us.

Democrat Linda Small has run against Ron Miller twice now and will run against him again for the March 18th special election. The district is usually safe Republican but with Wagner running an intense write-in campaign, Miller and Wagner could split the vote and allow Small to sneak by with a win.

The special election will fill the rest of former Senator Waugh’s term, lasting until January of 2015. What a Linda Small victory could mean for Dems statewide is a 26R/24D split in the Senate instead of the 27R/23D now. This would give the minority a much stronger hand ahead of the summer month’s budget negotiations.

What it will take to win, is a lot of people volunteering. Democrats historically have poor turnout in off year elections let alone special elections. If you are a party activist or volunteer living in the York/Harrisburg/Lancaster area you need to get to York county this weekend or next week to help with GOTV efforts. Call the Democratic Party of York County‘s office at 717-812-1200 and tell them you want to help.

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