Shorter Josh Shapiro: I Want to Run for #PA13 in 2016

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If Marjorie Margolies won the 13th District primary, she would only serve one term or maybe two, which is obviously why up and coming Montgomery County Democrat Josh Shapiro is endorsing her. He wants to run in a few years, and he won’t have a shot at this seat until he’s an old man if Daylin wins.

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8 Responses to Shorter Josh Shapiro: I Want to Run for #PA13 in 2016

  1. Good luck with that, Josh!! I can’t believe that’s the only reason Shapiro is endorsing Margolies though. She’s was such an awful Democrat back then and doesn’t appear to have gotten any better. Is Shapiro trying to suck up to the Clintons?

  2. Independent says:

    Dubious theory. Shapiro currently runs a large and politically-consequential county w/ a population of over 800K. A House seat would be, at best, a lateral move — if not, a demotion. Shapiro’s next race is either Gov or Senate, nothing less.

  3. Jeanette says:

    after the way he’s shafted Montco on 200 acres of open space by selling it to be developed, and his “transparency’ proving to be anything but, good luck with WHATEVER he chooses to run for.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      That’s a big mark against him in my book. No excuse for younger Dems who know better to vote for sprawl. I will remember this one for future races for sure.

    • He’s also a shill for AIPAC, which is weird for a county commissioner. Last I check county commissioners have nothing to do with foreign policy.

  4. Joanne says:

    Watch out for Brendan Boyle in this race, he will get Philly vote and is quietly moving toward a win. Josh Shapiro is stupid. This endorsement kills his career. Although, the congressional 13th which includes NE Philly is a bigger deal than commish of Montco, and I don’t blame him for wanting it, it’s his dirty politics that I am disgusted with. He would sell another dem down the river if it benefited him. He steam rolls Leslie Richards, and is dividing the democratic party with his divisiveness. This endorsement of MM is just another way. MM is a criminal, her husband illegally used funds and she sat back and watched. She now endorses Leanna Washington, another criminal about to be hauled off to jail. What is happening with our party?? Josh is now aligning himself with criminals for no reason….unless Clinton has promised him something…hmmmm

  5. Harlow Lee says:

    Josh Shapiro is a moron. Considering the fact he’s supporting Brandon Neumann for Lt Gov. Mike Stack ward leader of 58th ward and also owns the 66a and b oh ya and also running for Lt Gov. Shapiro will never get out of Montco. He’s dummer than Bruce Castor and we all know where he ended up.