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Kill the Racehorse Grift in This Year’s #PABudget

This subsidy – this horse fucking subsidy! – provides approximately zero benefit to Pennsylvania’s economy. The jig is up, Lisa. All we’re doing is making a bunch of rich fucking out-of-state horse owners richer. $252 million richer. Every year. Some … More after the jump

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#HD190: Vanessa Brown’s challenger wants answers about her corrupt behavior

According to Wanda Logan, Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown’s challenger in the 190th state legislative race, Brown has proven herself incapable of making the best decisions for seniors within her district. Logan’s growing concern stems from the recent revelation through a … More after the jump

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The Environmentalist Case for Philly Wage and Business Tax Reform

Here is a crucial point for Philadelphians who consider themselves environmentalists. The fact that almost 40% (!) of Philadelphians leave the city limits for work every day, mostly via solo-driving, is an absolute disaster for the climate. The more people … More after the jump

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#PA13: If Boyle wants transparency, let’s have transparency.

PoliticsPA reported yesterday about the most recent lateral political stunt by one of the candidates in the 13th congressional Democratic primary. This time, it was State Representative Brendan Boyle targeting two of his competitors, Daylin Leach and Valerie Arkoosh. “How … More after the jump

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Commonwealth Court Declines to Save Voter ID

The state Supreme Court could still pull a breathtaking act of judicial activism, but this whole mistaken experiment in voter disenfranchisement looks like it’s finally coming to a close. In a 29-page decision, Judge Bernard L. McGinley said the law … More after the jump

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#PA13: Roe v. Wade “Supporter” Brendan Boyle Co-Sponsored ALEC-Style Bill Clear-Cutting Abortion Clinics

Sometimes you just have to step back and appreciate a great political strategy. Americans United for Life has this “admitting privileges” bill that they shop around to states via their legislation factory, which requires all abortion clinics to be within … More after the jump

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#HD164: Margo Davidson grasping at even more dishonest straws

Shockingly, Representative Davidson has resorted to the misrepresentation of facts once again to pad her flimsy political resume, in the final weeks before her contested primary. In February, Davidson and a member of her staff resorted to voter intimidation both … More after the jump

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#PAGov: S&P on Corbett’s Fiscal Record: “One-time savings, deferrals and other measures that add uncertainty”

“I’m worst at what/I do best” – Tom Corbett, probably. Tom Corbett is running on two major themes in his reelection campaign: Natural Gas Jobs, and Fiscal Responsibility. He doesn’t have a record to run on when it comes to … More after the jump

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Why We Can’t Boot Republicans Out of the Majority Fast Enough

Mike Turzai is the worst person ever.

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‘Not Smart’ #PAGov Primary Strategy: Bragging About Helping GOP Undermine Obamacare

To recap, the candidate trying to brand herself as the strongest Obamacare supporter is the only one with a record of repeatedly voting with Republicans to undermine the law: Schwartz acknowledged to reporters that she has attempted to undo what … More after the jump

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