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A fellow constituent in Upper Darby forwarded me a campaign email that they found especially devoid of truth, and I’d like to share it with everyone. In it, Representative Margo Davidson claims that one of her two primary challengers, Billy Smith of Lansdowne, is running “one of the most negative campaigns in Pennsylvania history by distorting my record and twisting the truth.” She goes on to say “I have to stand up against the false attacks and I need your help!”


Now, as far as any local Democrats have witnessed, Billy Smith has been out knocking doors, and I certainly haven’t heard any attacks from him. In fact, he tends to talk about what he wants to do if elected, leaving out Representative Davidson’s name all together. I also think claiming anything is the most in Pennsylvania history comes off as a little preposterous, but what campaign email have you received lately that isn’t utterly preposterous?

Now on the other hand, I’ve certainly been writing a fair amount about this race, and I’ve made my feelings about Representative Davidson’s voting record known. I think her campaign is confused…they think that Keystone Politics is an extension of the Billy Smith campaign, and if I’ve made that impression on them, I do apologize. That being said, I think I’ve backed up any of my claims with factual information, including accurate descriptions of legislation, voting records, and quotes from the representative.

With the permission of my editor, Jon Geeting, we’re introducing (preliminarily) a new feature here at Keystone Politics. For more contentious races that our writers have taken an interest in covering, we’re going to allow all the candidates an opportunity to speak for themselves, correct anything they believe we’ve misreported, and also explain any past political decisions that they may have thought were in the best interests of their constituents, but later became unpopular. My hope with this is to put any of the anonymous commenters to rest, and also to bring an even higher level of awareness to key races across Pennsylvania.

So my inaugural invitation goes to Representative Margo Davidson, as well as her two primary challengers, Billy Smith and Dafan Zhang. As there is no primary race on the GOP side, we’re not offering the invitation to the GOP candidate at this time, but if this is a successful endeavor, we will allow him that opportunity along with the winning Democrat of the 164th District primary.

164th District candidates:

You may have up to 1000 words to address anything you’d like. Your statements must not be threatening or libelous toward one another, and if your submission passes that test, we will post your statement in full, without any edits, for people to read. That’s it. There’s no catch. I want free speech and democracy to be at the forefront in this race, not threats or libel or drama. That’s my goal.

If you choose not to take up this opportunity, that is your decision to make, but your refusal to participate does not eliminate the right of other candidates to do so, so think wisely on this. If you are interested, reach out to me or to our editor.

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