#BoscolaProblems: “When you hit somebody there is a physical act of `stay away from me'”

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Have some word salad:

“When you hit somebody there is a physical act of `stay away from me,’” [Boscola] said of the woman. “Unless she was in my face. I do not know what her motivation is. I need to figure that out. Because in this business, it could be misinterpreted. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt as well. No one wants to hurt anyone in this business. Especially a woman. You know what I’m saying.”

For those just tuning in to the Lisa Boscola Shitshow, here’s a good place to start.

Boscola was openly flirting with the idea of a party switch a few years ago, after helping sabotage Democrat Jennifer Mann’s run against Republican Pat Browne – one of the top state Senate Republican targets this cycle:

Although Boscola has run afoul of her leadership before, relations between her and Senate Minority Leader Robert J. Mellow appear to have reached their chilliest point yet over her involvement in an April 8 special Senate election between Democrat Jennifer Mann and Republican Pat Browne, both state representatives from Allentown.

Mellow, a suburban Scranton Democrat, said he holds Boscola largely responsible for Mann’s loss to Browne. “Her criticism of Jennifer was a major reason that Jennifer Mann lost,” he said.

Boscola, a recovering alcoholic, was threatened with the loss of staff and the prospect of a primary opponent after she criticized Mann for attacking Browne’s two drunken driving arrests in campaign advertisements.

According to Mellow, when Boscola labeled Mann’s tactics offensive and disgusting, Democrats were forced into damage control, diverting resources from other areas of the campaign.

Boscola had also been arrested for drunk driving and bristled at the idea that Pat Browne would pay a political price for his drunk driving arrest. Jennifer Mann lost the race, and Pat Browne got reelected and went on to become the Republican Majority Whip – the dude in charge of pushing all your favorite Tom Corbett policies through the state Senate.

Thanks Lisa!

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4 Responses to #BoscolaProblems: “When you hit somebody there is a physical act of `stay away from me'”

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  2. Schocker says:

    It’s a shame Sen. Boscola has no challenger.

  3. HarLee says:

    @philpersp it’s widely known after her feud with Mellow she took cover under the arms of local98 union boss Johnny Doc. Lisa Boscola is nottttt a recovering alcoholic. She’s a drunk who went to a rehab to hide her disgusting behavior. In fact she goes out of her way to say she’s not an alcoholic. Her rambling diatribe makes no sense. This story has legs.