Breaking #PAGOV: McGinty Statement on PASSHE Secession Legislation

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Mike Mikus, a spokesman for the McGinty campaign, released this statement exclusively to Keystone Politics, regarding the upcoming legislative discussions about the future of the PASSHE system:

“Katie understands the concerns on both sides of this important issue. Her priority would be to restore Governor Corbett’s severe cuts to these schools and move forward on her plan to make college affordable for families and support many more middle class families with the grants and scholarships that she has proposed. These steps would be the ones that she would take as a priority to address the very real concerns that have been raised, instead of proceeding with SB 1275 at this time.

She believes that the solution to the problems of the 14 institutions that make up the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education is not to essentially force some to secede, but for the state to provide sufficient support to allow them to prosper.”

With this statement, Congresswoman Schwartz is now the only Democratic candidate in the race who has not stated a public position on the issue of the secession of West Chester University from the PASSHE system. You can check out McCord’s and Wolf’s respective statements HERE.

A Senate Education Committee hearing on SB 1275 is slated for April 8th, and I will be in Harrisburg to report on this. Follow @ckennedy124 and @keystonepol to remain updated in the meantime.

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