#HD164: Margo Davidson grasping at even more dishonest straws

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Shockingly, Representative Davidson has resorted to the misrepresentation of facts once again to pad her flimsy political resume, in the final weeks before her contested primary.

In February, Davidson and a member of her staff resorted to voter intimidation both before and during an endorsement voting ceremony for the Delaware County Democratic Party.

In late March, we received reports from 164th district constituents that Representative Davidson was saying she’d be receiving the endorsement of PSEA in the general election, after she beats her two primary opponents. We decided to reach out to PSEA, and this is what James Vaughan, assistant executive director for government relations, had to say:

“PSEA enthusiastically supports Billy Smith in the Democratic Primary for the 164th.  I cannot imagine any set of circumstances in which PSEA would support Representative Davidson in this, or any future, election.”

Then on April 8th, we reported about Representative Davidson’s false claims that she was the first ever woman elected to the state legislature in Delaware County. As I clearly outline, this is not true. In fact, Delaware County has had female representatives in the state legislature for a very long time; one was even elected as early as 1957.

photo.PNGToday, it was brought to our attention that Representative Davidson posted a blatant lie on her campaign website, claiming she is the “first African American elected at the state level from Delaware County”. I guess Thaddeus Kirkland doesn’t count.

Representative Davidon certainly is a visionary. She’s been having visions none of us can even see., but that doesn’t stop her complete and utter outrage against anyone who dares discuss her actual voting record. Here’s a snapshot of Davidson’s campaign Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 4.22.18 PMI could post anonymous quotes from Limbaugh, Palin, and Davidson, and ask you to distinguish them, but I think the disingenuous nature of Davidson’s post to the right speaks for itself.

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