Kill the Racehorse Grift in This Year’s #PABudget

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This subsidy – this horse fucking subsidy! – provides approximately zero benefit to Pennsylvania’s economy. The jig is up, Lisa. All we’re doing is making a bunch of rich fucking out-of-state horse owners richer. $252 million richer. Every year.

Some 11% of revenues generated from slot machine gambling in Pennsylvania was earmarked for the racing industry and agricultural initiatives in 2013.

As a result, more than $252 million in slot machine tax revenue was generated for the Pennsylvania Race Horse Development Fund.

Of this sum, some $209 million was used by both the thoroughbred and harness racing industries to enhance purses, assist breeding operations, and provide health and pension benefits for horsemen, according to the seventh annual Racetrack Casino Benchmark Report from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

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4 Responses to Kill the Racehorse Grift in This Year’s #PABudget

  1. Sean Kitchen says:

    Let’s call this what it is. White People Welfare.

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  3. GDub says:

    I’d call it part of the “horse trading” that brought slots to Pennsylvania. It’s really an earmark–the “grease of democracy” according to some!

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